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Practitioners who attend Peep Learning Together Programme Training (updated 2015) receive online access to the complete Programme, and can opt to buy a printed copy in a folder. The Programme contains over 70 topics covering five strands of development:
personal, social and emotional development
communication and language
early literacy
early maths
health and physical development.

Each topic relates to one or more developmental stages: babies - toddlers - pre-school. The Programme is intentionally flexible - practitioners can use any topic from any strand or developmental stage, in any order.

Parents/carers can also choose to follow the Peep Progression Pathway, doing one or more credit-rated units, based on the learning which is already occurring within a Peep group. Additional training is available for practitioners wishing to offer this option.


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Each topic contains practical information for practitioners, covering:

  • topic aims and key ideas (child development information with glossary links)

  • detailed guidance and suggestions for different ways of facilitating talk time, putting ORIM into action and sharing relevant songsstories and things to do at home - with parents, carers and children.

session plans and reviews

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We provide three online session plans for each topic, with talk-times based on an activity, question or message. There is a blank template if you want to create your own session plan, based on information from any of the topics. There is also a review form, for your reflections after each session.

online toolboxes

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Each topic has its own online toolbox, containing downloadable resources that can be shared with parents, links to useful research or further information relevant to that topic, and a Comments box for practitioners to add their own ideas.

handouts for parents

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Our ever-growing range of downloadable handouts that practitioners can choose to share with parents/carers includes topic handouts and ideas for things to try at home.

Comments from Peep parents:

‘I’ve noticed much more how my baby is communicating with me, and the different sounds he’s making’

‘It hadn’t occurred to me to listen to him and give him space to talk’

‘We give our children more time to concentrate on listening to things around them’