peep antenatal programme: getting to know your baby

Our antenatal programme aims to support parents (mums and dads) to:

  • think about their baby, tune in to their baby's feelings and respond sensitively (also known as reflective function);
  • understand the importance of sensitive parenting to developing a loving, consistent and secure attachment;
  • become more aware of the social and emotional aspects of the transition to parenthood;
  • manage their own (sometimes difficult) feelings that are aroused by a new baby;
  • meet other expectant or new parents and develop a supportive network group;
  • reduce the risk to the early parent–infant relationship (by helping to prevent, for example, isolation, anxiety and low-level depression);
  • engage with other local services.

This helps parent-baby bonding and attachment. Research indicates that these strong relationships enhance parents' confidence and self-esteem, as well as contributing to better outcomes for the child in terms of:

  • their cognitive development
  • the relationships they build
  • their resilience to cope if life gets tough.

peep antenatal training - for practitioners

Our 1-day antenatal training equips practitioners with the skills, knowledge and comprehensive resources to deliver the Peep Antenatal Programme. It outlines the theory and evidence base behind the programme and quickly moves into practical training including delivery, example session plans and resources, recruitment and impact evaluation.  

using the antenatal programme with expectant parents

The Peep Antenatal Programme can be used during pregnancy (from 28+ weeks is recommended) to the early weeks following birth. It can be used in a range of contexts and settings including one-to-one work with parent and baby, in the home or in other settings, and small group work. It can provide the content for short, medium and long-term work with families.

programme development

Our antenatal programme for families, and the training for practitioners, were developed with Professor Jane Barlow and colleagues at the University of Warwick Medical School.
It was previously known as Peep Reflective Parenting. All Peep Programme delivery is underpinned by our principles.

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newborn baby
  • ‘I didn’t realise my baby would be able to hear when he was born…’ (Dad)

  • ‘I’d never thought it was worth talking to a new born baby’ (Mum)

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