outdoor peep for families

Playing or exploring outside with babies and young children is fun, even when it's cold and damp - getting out the door is often the hardest bit! It's also good for our own mental health, and provides lots of learning opportunities. Going to Outdoor Peep sessions combines meeting other families with reduced Covid risk. Exploring outside helps children to learn to manage risks, by developing their co-ordination, strength and problem-solving skills. 

Below are some photos of families at Outdoor Peep, in summer and winter. They can be held anywhere outside, such as a local park or woods, or in the garden of a nursery or family/ children's centre. Contact your local Family Information Service, children's/ family centre or early years setting, to see if they have Peep-trained staff and do Peep sessions.

Here are a few ideas from Peeple's Helen in a blog and conversation about outdoor play for Dadvengers, with host Nigel Clarke (CBeebies), and a couple of Peep tips and 'Things to do at home':
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