singing 'ready and...'

TDAH & Songsheet - 'Ready and...'

'Ready and...' is one of the favourite songs in our Peep groups. The babies and toddlers love the simple tune and actions - and it's amazing how much they're learning at the same time.

Once they've got to know the song, your baby or toddler will start to know what's going to happen next - you might notice it in their face, as they wait during the pause then laugh or look excited as you lift them (or their arms) up and down. Understanding 'what happens next' is an important life skill as children get older.

Action songs are also a great way for young children to learn what words mean, as they move up and down, side to side, backwards and forwards.

If you're not sure of the tune, here's a link: Ready and...  or just make up your own tune.  You can find this and other songs on our Singing Together 1 Songbook/ CD/ MP3.