what is peep? - intro for parents and carers

playing with logs in the woodAs a parent or carer, you are your baby or child's first and most important teacher - they are constantly learning from you, as you chat, play, sing and do all your usual day-to-day things.

Research shows that the simple things you do in everyday life with your child makes a real difference to how they do at school and in later life. And it doesn't matter how well you  did at school, or whether you're a 'stay-at-home' parent/carer or you go out to work.

You can make a positive difference by chatting to your baby or child and leaving gaps for them to respond (even if not words yet!), singing your favourite songs, looking at books or pictures together, and playing during or between your day-to-day activities. 

In Peep groups, home visits and 'stay and play' sessions, we share tips, ideas and info about how these things help your child's development. Parents/carers, babies or children (from pregnancy to school-age) and Peep-trained practitioners have fun singing, sharing books and stories, playing, talking and getting to know other families. 

Baby Peep group with treasure basket

We train practitioners from around the UK, Ireland and Australia, so contact your local children's or family centre or hub, nursery or family information service, to see if there are Peep sessions near you.

We share Peep tips and ideas on our social media pages (@PeepleCentre on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter) so do join us there, or check out a few Peep tips here.
You can also find some parents' stories about their Peep experience.