Singing Together 2: songbook/MP3/CD

Singing Together 2 - CD/songbook

The 70 songs and rhymes in this book are particularly helpful in supporting the toddler and pre-school stages of development. Singing them together enhances children's eye contact, gestures, turn-taking and listening, as they hear the sounds, words, rhythms and rhymes. This contributes to children's language development and early reading, as well as being a great opportunity to have fun together.

You and your child will probably recognise some of the songs – and the songbook and CD/MP3 link will help remind you of the words and tunes, as well as ideas for actions that support children's development.

Here's 'The north wind doth blow', a wintery lullaby, that will also help children learn about how one thing follows another, in this case the seasons. And a lively action song to warm everyone up again: 'Five furry monkeys' - and a fun way for children to learn and remember how to count backwards from five, taking away one monkey at a time.

> Bicycle song (baby/ toddler lying on their back, with you pedalling their legs until you 'stop!' - as your child gets to know the song, you'll see they start to anticipate the 'Go!' when you start pedalling again)

Singing Together 2 Tracklist

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