HM Prison Winchester

'Time for You and Your Baby' - working with Spurgeons’ Invisible Walls Family Support Service, Hampshire and HM Prison Winchester

project structure:

  • Seven sessions with fathers, followed by an eighth family session where children are invited into the prison for a joint playtime with their Dads, who can put their new skills into practice.
  • The Spurgeons team also work with the whole family, including introducing them to services within their own communities, especially children’s centres.

staff: Peep-trained Spurgeons practitioners, funded by The Big Lottery. Spurgeons Invisible Walls Family Support Service provide a number of interventions for prisoners and their families.

The fathers felt they had increased their understanding of many aspects of child development and how it related to them and their baby, including:

  • the importance of positive interactions with very young children and different ways of communicating with them
  • the importance of music, songs and rhymes, and sharing books, for their babies
  • different ways that babies explore the world, make choices and learn through their senses
  • how to make the most of prison-visiting time.

The fathers were asked if they would recommend this course to someone else?

  • "Yes, it's a really good course and really helpful to build better bonds. Loved the sock puppet."
  • "It’s a good relief to know how important my children are and how I can still have a part in their lives. Although small, it is still a part."
  • "Yes - get on the ‘Time for You and Your Baby’ course, you would love it!"