Scotland peep progression pathway training

Due to Covid-19, we have adapted our Peep Progression Pathway Scotland Training so that we can deliver it online. The training content and access to the Peep Progression Pathway delivery and assessment resources are the same for both online and face-to-face training.


The training equips practitioners to:

  • effectively embed the units into your existing Peep delivery
  • understand how to promote, support and assess the units

who for:
Practitioners with relevant experience (early years, family learning, adult learning, social work, health and/or family support), who have completed our Peep Learning Together Programme Training. This course is also suited to volunteers, parents and student placements who support co-delivery of Peep groups.

online platform: Microsoft Sway and Forms. You don't need to have these packages, we will send you a time-limited link. Sway is similar to Microsoft Powerpoint, but is more interactive and visual.  You can scroll through the Sway and watch embedded videos, complete activities and access links at your own pace. 
The Peeple trainer will arrange a follow-up phone conversation with you, to feed back on your activities, make sure that you are comfortable and confident to deliver the Peep Progression Pathway with families following the training, and answer any other questions.

duration online: approx 5 hours, to be completed within a 3-week period, plus a follow-up phone call.

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cost: £110 + vat pp, including online access to Peep Progression Pathway delivery and assessment resources.

Find out more about:

>   Peep Progression Pathway parent qualifications

>   Becoming a delivery centre - Note: You need to go through the process of setting up as a delivery centre before attending training, if there isn't one in your area. 

>   How you could deliver the Peep Progression Pathway units in your area, and the costs and practicalities involved.

tel 07442 500693  or  email:

To book a place: Peep Progression Pathway in Scotland Training Booking Form

If you are in England, Wales or Northern Ireland:  Peep Progression Pathway is accredited by NOCN and has different training. Find out more.

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