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Baby Peep group

There are Peep-trained practitioners in many parts of Oxfordshire. It is also the only part of the country where Peeple as an organisation employs our own practitioners. They are based at the Peeple Centre in south Oxford, but work in various parts of the county, delivering Peep groups, drop-ins and home visits, or in our Peep Pre-school. (Find out more about commissioning Peep services.)

Get a snapshot of Peep delivery from our Peeple Centre practitioners:

Apr 2016 - Playing 'What's in the bag?', exploring schemas (play patterns) and Peep NOCN unit

Mar 2016 - Counting, shapes, patterns, routines and everyday maths language

Jan 2016 - Preparing and eating food together (mixed age group) and balance and co-ordination (babies)

Nov 2015 - Visiting the library and sharing books with babies

Oct 2015 - Routines, autumn sensory play & making marks

Whether you're a parent, carer or practitioner, do drop us a line to share photos (with permission!) or ideas from your  Peep sessions: newsletter@peeple.org.uk.