peep in early years settings and schools

Some pre-schools, nursery classes and childcare providers use the Peep Learning Together Programme within their settings. Sometimes this is for new families, when a Transition Peep course is offered to families, but the programme is also used during regular sessions.

In Fife, practitioners have been Peep-trained in all their nursery settings, so that Peep sessions can be offered to nursery children and parents - follow this link to watch their 5 minute film about Peep nursery staff and families.

Child-minders have also found it to be a useful way to share information and ideas with parents, at the end of the day. Peeple has been working with Action for Children over the past year, training child-minders in various parts of England.

Using the programme in these ways provides a range of activities and opportunities for discussion, which encourage adults’ involvement in their children’s learning. Research shows that when parents are welcomed into schools and pre-schools, it benefits children, parents and teachers. The Peep programme, with its information and activities for professionals and parents/carers, can support teachers to engage with parents in their setting, and help enhance what families are already doing at home.

playing with sand at Peep Pre-school